J. D. Hair & Associates (JDH&A) is a consulting firm whose mission is to provide its clients with value through the artful application of technology. We are the industry leader in the design of horizontally directionally drilled (HDD) pipeline crossings and have been key members of design teams for some of the most significant and challenging pipeline projects ever completed. Our engineers are comfortable conducting surveys in the field, performing design in the office, monitoring construction at the jobsite, or presenting the results of a research project. We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but work on projects throughout the world. 

Since its founding in 1987, JDH&A has consulted on more than one thousand HDD crossings in locations ranging from Alaska to Australia. Included among our clients, who have been located on every continent except Antarctica, are Fortune 500 energy companies, major international design and construction firms, local utilities, and HDD contractors.

JDH&A's leadership position in the specialized field of HDD crossing design is demonstrated by its experience. We invite you to take a few moments to review the selected projects presented on our website. We think you will agree that our firm's HDD design capabilities are unparalleled in the HDD Industry.


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  • interstate gas transmission pipeline

    Michigan and Ohio, 2015-2018

    This 36-inch natural gas pipeline extends roughly 255 miles across Michigan and Ohio delivering an estimated 1.5 billion cubic feet of energy per day. By method of HDD, this pipeline crosses many notable  water bodies and prominent roadways. JDH&A was responsible for design and construction monitoring of all seventeen HDD crossings on the project. Design work began in 2015 and HDD construction was successfully completed in August of 2018.

  • pipeline replacement PROJECTs

    texas and louisiana, 2016-2017

    As a result of maintenance difficulties and high rehabilitation costs, two conventional waterway crossings in Texas and Louisiana were replaced by parallel 30-inch diameter crossings installed by HDD. JDH&A’s responsibilities included geotechnical investigation, HDD design, and construction monitoring between November 2016 and October 2017.


    houston area, tx 2017

    This 64 mile expansion project located in southeast Texas included eleven 36-inch diameter crossings installed by HDD. JDH&A provided HDD expertise and construction monitoring services for the eleven HDD crossings between May 2017 and October 2017.

  • newark bay utility crossings

    Elizabeth and BAYONNE, nj 2016-2017

    This electric power transmission project involved two parallel 36-inch diameter HDD crossings beneath the waters of Newark Bay. The crossings involved pullback of not only a 36-inch steel casing, but also a large conduit bundle internal to the steel casing. The bundle consisted of an assortment of HDPE and steel pipes which would eventually be utilized for high voltage electric transmission lines. The project presented many unique challenges ranging from the crossing's lengths, at nearly 6,600 feet each, the presence of excessively hard bedrock, and facilitating pullback operations within a severely limited urban area workspace. JDH&A provided HDD design services and expert consultation for the two landmark HDD installations on the project between May 2016 and November 2017.

  • Port of tacoma lng extension projecT

    Tacoma, Wa 2016-2017

    With customer growth throughout the greater Tacoma area straining the natural gas system, Puget Sound Energy needed to strengthen and upgrade their natural gas system. This included installing approximately four miles of 16-inch natural gas distribution pipeline in the cities of Fife and Tacoma in order to supply domestic natural gas customers and provide fuel for maritime vessels traveling between the Port of Tacoma and Alaska. From October 2016 through July 2017, JDH&A provided design and construction monitoring services for five HDD installations on the project which traversed numerous utilities, heavily traveled port roads, and Interstate 5.