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Using decades of experience and a desire to expand the limits of what can be achieved, J.D. Hair & Associates helps customers develop achievable, affordable, technically sound plans for trenchless projects. Our assessment and analysis services are based on our earned understanding of geological conditions, machinery capabilities, risk factors and more. Our team has worked on some of the world’s most challenging trenchless projects, gathering information to optimize designs and minimize risks on projects of all lengths.

Feasibility Assessments

After a trenchless crossing has been proposed, J.D. Hair & Associates digs in to determine if the crossing is possible and evaluate which techniques offer the greatest advantages for success. We use our knowledge of today’s trenchless tools and techniques, available data and experience with similar projects and previously completed installation during our analysis.

Our feasibility assessments:

  • Evaluate geotechnical data and site conditions
  • Determine the constructability of the desired crossing
  • Identify risks and mitigation measures
  • Recommend trenchless methods

Pipe Stress Analysis

Many may assume a pipeline is not fully put to the test until it is operational, but loads imposed during the installation process can exceed those involved in its operation. J.D. Hair & Associates performs detailed pipe stress analysis to confirm selected pipe specifications can withstand installation loads as well as operating loads–or make recommendations of an alternative specification capable of passing the test. Our experience also allows us to support clients with design and analysis of downhole components and preparation of pipe handling procedures.

Hydrofracture Analysis

We believe one of the biggest advantages of trenchless construction is its ability to reduce environmental impact, particularly in environmentally sensitive areas. Too important to be left to chance, we analyze the potential for drilling fluid to inadvertently reach the surface due to hydrofracture. Our team uses our understanding of the annular pressure needed to conduct various trenchless applications when determining if the soils surrounding the proposed drill path have the capacity to contain all drilling fluid.

Construction Cost Estimating

J.D. Hair & Associates understands feasibility is not the only factor in determining a project’s viability. We use value engineering and decades of international project experience to minimize risks and costs. When beneficial to our customers, our trenchless project designs include current cost estimates and multiple trenchless construction methods.