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Trenchless Crossing Designs

J.D. Hair & Associates combines the thoughtful preparation of practical, technically sound trenchless designs, feasibility studies and bid documents with an array of support services, resulting in an achievable solution for a complex challenge. Our engineering and support services are backed by experience gained on thousands of underground crossings, including some of the most challenging and significant in the world. Our team approaches projects with a safety-forward focus, an understanding of geological conditions and a desire to achieve safe, cost-effective solutions.

Design Reviews

Our engineers and design team are fluent in design principles, subsurface conditions, environmental goals and contractor and machine capabilities. In addition, we have worked on some of the most challenging, significant trenchless projects in the world. This unique, focused concentration allows us to provide third-party design review services resulting in creative, practical options for improving a design by reducing risk or cost.

J.D. Hair team around a table of work plans

Permitting Support

A quantifiable measure of a trenchless engineering firm’s experience is an understanding of the technical data, risk mitigation strategies and other information required for successful permit applications. J.D. Hair & Associates has decades of experience understanding and addressing the requirements of local, state and federal permitting agencies to allow projects to stay on schedule.

Contract Documents

Efficiency can be integrated into a project plan well before construction begins. Providing technical specifications to complement our crossing designs allows us to support our customers throughout the planning and bidding process. We offer two delivery methods based on the customers’ preference: draft form for easy integration into their construction documents or a supplemental, stand-alone document.

Lift Plan Development

J.D. Hair & Associates appreciates the importance of above-ground planning for trenchless installations. As crossings become more complex and locations more challenging, we assist our customers by developing lift plans to aid in constructability and minimize the potential for pipe damage. Taking the proposed pipe specifications, pipe handling equipment, topography, and existing infrastructure into account, we analyze geometry and loading scenarios to determine optimal lift points.

Construction Monitoring

Effective construction monitoring creates real-time and archival documentation of underground trenchless installations. Our on-site engineers understand the construction process, allowing for preparation and distribution of accurate daily progress and spot check reports.

  • Progress reports provide a breakdown of the contractor’s progress as measured by drilled, mined or reamed footage along with a detailed summary of construction operations.
  • Spot check reports document specific aspects of trenchless operations, addressing conformance with applicable drawings, specifications and industry standards.