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NEXUS Gas Transmission

Michigan and Ohio, 2015-2018

This 36-inch pipeline extends roughly 255 miles across Michigan and Ohio, delivering an estimated 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day. The pipeline route crosses many notable water bodies and roadways, requiring 18 HDD installations. J.D. Hair & Associates was responsible for design and construction monitoring on all HDD crossings.

Port of Tacoma LNG Extension

Tacoma, Washington, 2016-2017

Customer growth throughout the greater Tacoma area was straining the natural gas system. Puget Sound Energy proposed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility at the Port of Tacoma to supply domestic customers and provide fuel for maritime vessels traveling between the Port of Tacoma and Alaska. The upgrade required installing approximately 4 miles of 16-inch natural gas distribution pipeline in the cities of Fife and Tacoma. J.D. Hair & Associates provided design and construction monitoring services for five HDD installations traversing numerous utilities, heavily traveled port roads, and Interstate-5.

Line 3 Pipeline

North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, 2014-2021

Line 3 is a 1,097-mile crude oil pipeline that extends from Edmonton, AB, to Superior, WI.
Initially built in the 1960s, the pipeline needed to be upgraded to ensure the reliable delivery of crude to U.S. refineries while meeting the highest safety and environmental standards. The U.S. portion replaced
364 miles of existing 34-inch diameter pipe with new 36-inch pipe. J.D. Hair & Associates was involved in the project from its inception, reviewing numerous potential crossing locations, and ultimately providing designs and associated calculations for 23 HDD installations. J.D. Hair & Associates directly interacted with regulatory agencies during the permitting phase and provided remote pilot hole monitoring services during construction.

GTA Project

Ontario, 2012-2015

Due to the population expansion in the Toronto metropolitan area, the existing pipeline infrastructure had not kept up with the rising demand for natural gas. Enbridge’s solution was to add approximately 30 miles of 36-inch and 42-inch pipeline to increase the volume of natural gas being brought into the city. Most of this new line was installed in tight utility corridors throughout the greater Toronto area. With numerous roads, major highways, sensitive waterways, and utilities to be navigated, HDD and Direct Pipe® proved to be valuable assets during planning, design, and construction. J.D. Hair & Associates provided design and construction monitoring for 16 HDD and three Direct Pipe® installations on the project between May 2012 and December 2015.

Sweeny Midstream Pipelines

Texas, 2014-2015

This petroleum products pipeline system extends more than 123 miles between Mont Belvieu and Freeport, Texas. Much of the system was installed in crowded utility corridors in the Houston metro area. This required HDD segments to be drilled to extremely tight directional tolerances. Many of the sites involved multiple lines with minimal horizontal separation. The longest crossing installed was beneath the Houston Ship Channel and extended more than two miles. J.D. Hair & Associates provided construction monitoring for more than 120 HDD crossings, observing and documenting HDD operations on as many as eight crossings per day. HDD construction was successfully completed in October of 2015.

Sakakawea Pipeline

NORTH DAKOTA, 2015-2016

As the third largest man-made reservoir in the United States, Lake Sakakawea was the primary obstacle of this 91 mile dual product pipeline system which transports both crude oil and natural gas. J.D. Hair & Associates provided design and construction monitoring services for two 16-inch diameter HDD crossings of Lake Sakakawea between January 2015 and September 2016. Both crossings had drilled lengths exceeding 11,000 feet and extended to depths of more than 500 feet beneath the HDD endpoints.

Flanagan South Pipeline

Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, 2012-2014

This 36-inch crude oil pipeline originates in Pontiac, Illinois and extends roughly 590 miles across Missouri and Kansas to its termination in Cushing, Oklahoma. J.D. Hair & Associates was responsible for design and construction monitoring of 22 HDD crossings on the project, including a 9,000 foot crossing of the Mississippi River that is believed to be the longest 36-inch HDD crossing completed to date. Design of the HDD crossings began in June 2012 and construction of the last HDD crossing was completed in July 2014.

Keystone Pipeline

Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, 2009-2014

This landmark, international crude oil pipeline extends from Hardisty, Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast, crossing many notable obstacles along the way. J.D. Hair & Associates provided HDD expertise on the U.S. portion of the project, assisting with design and implementation of 72 major HDD installations (20 30-inch and 52 36-inch). J.D. Hair & Associates also provided HDD construction monitoring services over a cumulative total of 32 months at crossing locations scattered across six U.S. states.

Southeast Supply Header

Louisiana and Mississippi, 2006-2008

This 274-mile natural gas pipeline extends from the Perryville Hub in northeastern Louisiana to the Gulfstream Natural Gas System in southern Mobile County, Alabama. It is comprised of 42- inch and 36-inch welded steel pipe with a transmission capacity of one billion cubic feet per day. J.D. Hair & Associates was responsible for design and construction monitoring for all twenty-seven HDD crossings, including geotechnical investigations at all of the HDD sites and hydrographic surveying at the Mississippi River crossing. Design work began in 2006 with construction of all crossings completed in 2008.


Massachusetts, 2000-2003

This project circumvented the Boston Metropolitan area to connect a pipeline system bringing natural gas from Canada with a system delivering gas to the south. This highly innovative 30-inch offshore pipeline system included four state-of-the-art drilled crossings. The crossings were state-of-the-art not only because of their lengths, approaching 5,000 feet, and hard rock subsurface conditions, but also because each crossing required offshore operations. On two of the crossings, both the entry and exit points were offshore requiring all HDD operations to be conducted in the sensitive marine environment. J.D. Hair & Associates’ responsibilities included geotechnical investigation, feasibility analysis, detailed design and consultation during construction.


United States and Canada, 1996-2000

This high-pressure natural gas pipeline extending 1,900 miles from northern British Columbia to Chicago was designed and constructed to the highest environmental and safety standards required by regulatory bodies in both Canada and the United States. During the initial feasibility and permitting stage, J.D. Hair & Associates reviewed more than 50 major waterway crossings to determine the optimum crossing installation method. This was followed by design and construction monitoring for the HDD crossings in Canada and design consultation for the HDD crossings in the United States. All of the HDD crossings were completed by the summer of 2000.

Middletown to Norwalk 345 KV Project

Connecticut, 2005-2007

This electric power transmission project involved five HDD crossings beneath waterways and rivers in congested urban environments throughout Connecticut. Crossing lengths ranged from approximately 700 feet up to 1,650 feet. Each crossing involved two parallel segments consisting of four 10-inch and one 8-inch HDPE conduit. J.D. Hair & Associates, working as a sub-consultant to Burns & McDonnell, provided HDD design and engineering services as well as construction quality assurance.

Colville River Crossings

Alaska, 1996-1999

The Colville River Crossing for ARCO’s Alpine Development consisted of four 4,300-foot HDD installations through permafrost in the Alaskan Arctic. Subsurface conditions tested the limits of HDD technology while North Slope winter construction conditions required work to be carried out on ice work pads in temperatures ranging to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. J.D. Hair & Associates provided the initial feasibility analysis that demonstrated to the owner and permitting authorities that HDD could be applied at the Colville River. This initial work was followed by consultation relative to design and construction methods and field engineering for quality assurance. Construction began in early 1998 and all of the crossings were completed by the spring of 1999. This project was recognized in April of 2000 as one of five finalists for the American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline

Nova Scotia to Massachusetts, 1996-1999

This 886-mile pipeline extends from Nova Scotia through New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts where it delivers gas into pipeline systems in the Boston Metropolitan area. J.D. Hair & Associates held the HDD engineering position on the large multi-discipline design team assembled for this project. This involved field reconnaissance at more than 50 potential HDD crossing sites to evaluate HDD feasibility. Feasibility evaluation was followed by implementation of an extensive geotechnical exploration program for potential crossings in the State of Maine, production of design drawings for crossings in the U.S. and Canada, expert testimony before regulatory agencies, and consultation during the construction phase. All of the mainline crossings were completed in 1999.

Vector Pipeline

Indiana, Michigan, and Ontario, 1998-2000

The 348-mile, 42-inch Vector Pipeline transports approximately 1.3 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas from Joliet, Illinois, to parts of Indiana and Michigan and into Ontario, Canada. J.D. Hair & Associates’s involvement began in the permitting phase with feasibility analysis of prospective HDD crossings and testimony before regulatory bodies. This was followed by detailed design and construction monitoring on eight HDD crossings. Construction was completed in 2000.

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